Our Story

We Bring Projects

Back to Life!

Shaman Shawn Inc is an organization that seeks to inspire, encourage and most importantly, support motivated Brand Builders. Through our experience of strategic brand building, we have learned that the best way to build a Strong and Successful Brand other than getting out there and tirelessly doing it yourself… is to get help. Whether you are a small growing brand, or a well established successful brand, Shaman Shawn Inc and our Network of Established Brands is here for you!

Once your brand is well established , we will assist in its growth and success by marketing directly to the communities in which your brand serves.
Our Mission

To “Strengthen Community & Business Unity” by connecting community members with Local Businesses and Resources through Outreach and Education.
Our Core Values

Integrity – Do the right thing for the right reason.
Excellence – We strive to deliver the highest quality and value possible through simple, concise, and easy to understand solutions.
Caring – We listen to and respect our clients and each other so we can act with insight, understanding and compassion.
Inspiration – We inspire each other to explore ideas that can make the world a better place.

“Bridging the Gap between the HAVE’s and the HAVE NOT’s.”